Natural Fish Spa……

This video doesn’t exist

That’s me in the water.

Yesterday I went home to Thidanad and jumped into my river. And then I stood still for sometime and fish started to nibble on my feet.

The video here was taken a few years back when I went in with the camera. The same fish was doing the cleaning job yesterday.

I have to tell you that this is a fantastic feeling. Last time when I took the video, I went in with my footware on. This time I was barefoot and the fish found it easier for the job

Finally when some of you visit me, I will take you to get this experience with the fish growing wild and in natural flowing water of the river

Natural Fish Spa……

18 thoughts on “Natural Fish Spa……

    1. It’s an amazing feeling. These ones are bigger than the usual doctor fish and you can feel their nibble. The fish is wild, beautiful and silvery. I will do it every time I go there


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