Biriyani Chai (Tea)

This was Broadcasted on my Cooking Exotica & Fitness Group today. I made the Biriyani Chaya (tea)! This has been on my mind ever since I tasted this unique and exceedingly tasty specialty tea. 

The umbrella and straw are for celebrating success, and it’s a hot beverage. There’s a layer of condensed milk at the bottom, hot leaf tea with some cardamom, cloves and cinnamon in the middle and frothing milk at the top.

I need a little more practice and patience to get the milk frothed well to show a clearer separation into light yellowish at the bottom, black tea in the middle and white milk froth at the top. 

By the way this tastes good 😊

And those who will be visiting me (please do) will be having a conversation over a cup of hot biriyani chai ❀️

Biriyani Chai (Tea)

44 thoughts on “Biriyani Chai (Tea)

    1. Bhavana this item I have been eyeing ever since I saw and enjoyed it in Calicut Paragon restaurant.
      I am very happy that I managed to make it. I have to perfect it clearly separating black tea and frosky milk


    1. Oh yes Smitha, the name may be because of that. I was thinking it’s because it’s served in Paragon restaurant which is famous for Biriyani.
      If I ever get a chance, I will make one for you 🌹


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