Cyber Attack called ‘Phishing’……

Most of us are targets of this attack. Sounding similar to fishing, the attacker is patient, waiting for the big fish to bite the ugly bait.

When we look for a meaning or definition of this fraud method, we get the explanation that it’s a cyber fraud. That could mean that a fraudster gave the name, who is also a fishing enthusiast, and reflects his frustration of sometimes spending the whole day without a bite.

I got attacked twice in the last two days. First is from one of my banks saying there’s unusual activity and to verify the account, which is typing user id and password in the Phiser page.

The second was from LinkedIn in saying my account is restricted due to certain activities and I will lose the account (and the 3600+ connections) if I don’t log in again.

I sent the first to the bank asking for action by the industry and government cyber security. For LinkedIn, the feedback page has provision to receive only what they want to hear (hardcoded with drop down parameters).

After much persuasion the bank responded with lot of words, teaching me what phishing is and to never give the details etc.. (they don’t know…. drishikon mei, maim uskaka bap nikla… naam hei Shahansha – which is a filmy dialogue saying.. in appearance I look like his father… name is Shahansha).

Jokes apart, what I am asking these resourceful banks, government etc to set up a joint authority worldwide to investigate, use cyber information, IP address etc and even perform some James Bond like covert operation, catch them and make examples of them. And don’t tell me what and how the fraud is. Seriously I am ‘bap’ here.

By the way I have a mail today saying a UN sponsored fraud victim fund identified me as a victim and awarded a million or 10 million dollars to me (actually I didn’t count zeros).

What a lucky guy……. I am.

Cyber Attack called ‘Phishing’……

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