“The Stone”

It’s your command that I obeyed

for I am under a spell 

it’s there even now 

cast on me with the wand

which is love than magic 

happiness in the air 

for it’s the most important 

O Aphrodite, you are the one 

embedded in my heart 

goddess of beauty love and sexuality 

always in my mind 

But it can’t be, no one to be hurt 

so the ritual, beautiful and power 

every day, every night 

right on our hearts

It’s from your rock, lovingly given 

universe and the secret 

part of the ritual 

invoking law of attraction 

Universe unifies the two 

transporting just the love 

don’t say anything, just receive 

for the love is cast in Stone……


“The Stone”

40 thoughts on ““The Stone”

    1. Like I said, poetry comes from the heart ❀️ and read with the heart ❀️
      Thank you for the encouragement
      My first ever poetry, dedicated to Aphrodite and the stone given by her πŸ’Žβ€οΈ

      Liked by 1 person

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