Healthy Cooking……

This post is inspired and adopted from the recipe for dishes given to us by dear fellow blogger Sneha Modi. I made these today and shared on my whatsapp Broadcast Group: Cooking Exotica & Fitness.

Broadcast on Cooking Exotica Group: Ten delicious and more importantly healthy Avacado Parathas. Mashed one avacado pulp (3/4 cup) marinated with fresh lemon juice and salt. Add grated half onion, one green chilli, 3 garlic pods, fresh celery leaves and parsley. Add 1 and 1/4 cup wheat flower (atta). Mix, make small rounded portions and roll into shape using atta powder for rolling efficiency and using chappathy roller. Cook on pan, greased with little oil, turning sides as required. I have added little butter while mixing which is optional. (adopted and modified menu)

Healthy Cooking……

29 thoughts on “Healthy Cooking……

    1. Thank you for the tip and the advice.
      I will adopt when I find it’s required. For the time being i enjoy what i am doing. It’s just that ‘no pain, no gain’.
      I do appreciate the concern and thank you so much


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