Poetry- Reading with Heart……

I used to like poems by great Malayalam poets and the way my school language teachers analysed those beautiful lines. Of course, i never paid attention to the rules in poems, the slokas, the stanzas, the rhythm etc. I always thought these were beyond me.

And now I am in the midst of beautiful friends whose lines are as rich or more than those poems my school language teachers tried to show off in analysing.

With that background, I also ventured into the sacred place where in fact the angels fear to tread. I started interpreting poetry and gave my own meanings. Of course my sweet friends here have been tolerant and with atmost care, love and affection showed me what it is.

Now I know, poetry is not to be dissected, it’s to be absorbed. And I agreed, but still the attempts to absorb didn’t work well.

That’s when I realised that poetry is to be read with the heart. And now I can enjoy them.

A number of such posts reflect something missing, sad or gone. Read them with your heart and you can see the beauty. The poet is not sad or deprived, but has the ability to show the beauty in depreviation.

I am happy now. I have some great talents to follow, love and worship. I now know that poetry is not to be understood with a critical mind, but absorbed with a loving heart โค๏ธ.

(there’s one who said, is eagerly awaiting my next post. This is dedicated to the one).

Poetry- Reading with Heart……

18 thoughts on “Poetry- Reading with Heart……

  1. This is truly phenomenal…such deep appreciation for a poet’s heart…indeed a poem is to be absorbed from the depths of your soul. I am much humbled by your sentiments.
    And yes, I am still eagerly waiting for your next post…wonderful work๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

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  2. Lovely post. ..I felt like reading poetry with beautiful meanings hidden inside. So true Poetry is absorbed with loving heart. We always relate poetry with writer but he is not sad or depressed but showing beauty in depreviation. Loved this lines .

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    1. Thank you Bhavana
      Actually I look at poetry in a whole new way. Earlier I used to be worried thinking that the writer is distressed.
      Now I can see the beauty. And to read using my heart


  3. I was in the science stream during my ‘O’ levels with only one humanities subject in my course load – Southeast Asian History. When I applied for junior college, I finally had the opportunity to take on more arts subjects and, of course, the first one I added to my curriculum was English Literature. Over the following two years, I lamented the decision because studying literature takes all the joy out of reading what with all the line-by-line analysis you have to do, academic notes you have to memorize, and finally, the lengthy essays you have to submit during exams. I, too, once protested to my teacher that there is one book I will never study for literature – Pride and Prejudice.
    I eventually reneged on that oath because, today, I realize that literature needs to be both dissected and absorbed. As a writer, it is part of my responsibility to understand both the technical elements of a literary work as well as to appreciate its beauty so that I may grow continuously in my writing, through my writing. I am to learn from others’ style, syntax, diction as well as lose myself in their voice. It is all part of the package – else, how am I to understand the difference between a really well-written work and just a good concept?
    The trick, however, is to first read only for the sake of enjoying reading. If the book gives me pause, if it musters as worthwhile, I then decide if I will dissect it further. That is when I pull out my notebook and pencil. I do not sacrifice my heart for my brain. I wish someone taught me this trick when I was still in school.

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    1. Oh Lupa (I am calling you by this name). You are very sweet.
      And really! Did I make you say the last part of your response.
      You made my day.
      And please take me as your disciple, totally devoted follower.๐ŸŒน

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