Can you take it……? Kurian’s Poetry……

My learned and very talented blog friends have helped in creating a sense of understanding of poetry in someone like me who believed that I would never understand poetry.

I tried to venture into details of my friend’s poetry and tried to analyse and interpret them. And they politely corrected me saying that poetry is not to be interpreted but absorbed.

Then I got it. Read poetry with your heart ❤️. I now got it…… read and absorb poetry using your heart.

I have a school memory, it’s about a style or rhythm ‘keka’. It reads (in Malayalam) …

“Moonnum randum, randum moonnum, randum randennezhuthukal, pathinalinu aaru ganam, padam randilum, guru onnenkilum venam marathoro ganathilum, nadukku yathi, padathi poruthamithu kekayam “.

My Malayalam poet friends will understand this. Is this simple?

And Kabir has his name in every stanza!!

These are perfect forms. But we can write of our feelings, emotions and love to make beautiful poetry.

As such me, a day dreamer led by heart over mind may surprise with poems……

Can you take it……? Kurian’s Poetry……

7 thoughts on “Can you take it……? Kurian’s Poetry……

    1. Aparna, a request I can’t refuse.
      It’s about a poetry style which were taught in middle school Malayalam class. I didn’t understand it then nor do I get it now. But my first poem (see ‘the stone’) has its influence.
      English translation attempt:
      Three, two, two, three, two and two letters. Six out of 14 is a ganam. Have at least a guru invariably in a ganam. A yati in the middle. And such perfect synchronisation is ‘keka’
      So keka is a poetry style and the rules are defined thus.
      This is great as the symmetry and rhythm in my first ever poetry is keeping these sloga in mind.
      Please read the stone and comment 🌹

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