Identification not enough…… Acceptance required……

I have been eloquent on the ‘Stone Ritual’ and that it could stimulate friendship and all good things. When practiced here on the blog site, it can be totally harmless and contained in the dream series.

I am saying this because the friends here are mostly not identified with background but are held with a bond of dreamers. And dreamers assume many forms but are independent, devoid of any baggage or personal situation.

In my dream series episode, I tried the stone ritual with two of my blog friends who I selected. After the usual round with Aphrodite and another, I moved to the new connections with stone clenched in hand and placed on heart ❤️ 

While I could get the vibes on the first two, confirming attention of the universe, I found some confusion in the two new rituals.

That’s why I am saying that identification of stone partners is not enough. They have to accept and should be taking their own stones to the ritual at their bedtime so that the universe can effect the link and synchronise the time.

This dream series is also about the joy of the unknown. That’s the stone partners here won’t know the physical identity and background of each other. In short, no baggage is brought on the playground.

Then how to manage the acceptance!!! Well telephone, whatsapp etc are giveaways on identity. Perhaps email is more general and hence my email:

Acceptors in this ‘dream series stone connection’ may use it. 

(Post in the dream series where ‘the 💎’ is the lead character).

Identification not enough…… Acceptance required……

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