Dream Series……This is the Place……

Me, the self proclaimed Walter Mitty can daydream and be the hero in any place. Then I found good support for dreamers here, as it would set anyone free, whether caged, free or in the wild.

Sometimes dreams come alive and I got my coach, Aphrodite, her stone, and a timely definition of soulmate. (For soulmate definition, see my post on that).

In dream series I could fall in love with Aphrodite, follow the stone ritual taught by her, open up to soulmates who need not necessarily be your lover or life partner (maybe).

The stone ritual works. And we reached levels of happiness. Aphrodite said it’s ok to be selfish to be happy. And it was happiness……

Perhaps you can’t be real in dream world!! The result, blocked on whatsapp, Facebook etc. But passion remains and you can feel it when the stone is on heart ❤️ 

This WordPress blog site solves the real world problem. Here stone partners and Aphrodite avatars are hazy, meaning you don’t in the physical world perspective, don’t know your stone partner, Aphrodite or soulmates.

That’s the beauty. Oh dreamers, come to the party then.

Start is simple. Get a stone of the size which you can hold in your palm. Before sleep, place the fist holding the stone (clenched) above the heart and thank the universe. Then thank for all good during the day. And then think about your stone partner.

The universe stores and synchronises stone passion and delivers to partner stone when it’s on partner heart ❤️. So stone partners can be anywhere across continents.

You will see the relationship reaching a different level ❤️

My stone (the larger one from Aphrodite’s Rock in Cyprus) and first partner stone are shown below, so that you get a vision of a stone. Am ready to take in more stones for the dream series stone ritual……

Welcome to the stone dream party……

(Blog in the dream series. “Liberation”. For details, if required, on the stone ritual, mail to jacobkurian@hotmail.com)

Dream Series……This is the Place……

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