Farming Dreams……

I have been nurturing these farming dreams for quite some time. The most researched and aptly circulated among them is the ‘Ultra High Density Mango Planting’ concept. Here some 600 Mango trees are planted per acre against the traditional 40+

The number itself is amazing and the concept very proven, but will require a lot of time and attention and expertise. The idea shared earlier of making it into a group effort is approved in principle but not guaranteed. And then when we want to do something, we better innovate.

Now it’s time to get the dreams to action and be practical. As such there are some changes in the plan.

They are to be more practical, taking resources and resourcefulness into account.

Now the plans look like:

  • Plant early yielding jackfruit trees in Thidanad land and the farm land near Bangalore 
  • Plant avacado trees in both the places 
  • Plant Guavas and Pomegranate in Bangalore and Rambuttan, Mangostine and spices like Nutmeg , Cloves and Cinamon in Thidanad 
  • Plant Mango trees in both the places 
  • Grow some vegetables and salad leaves at both places 
  • Develop a fish tank in Thidanad and grow Prawns.
  • Plant high yielding, dwarf and high oil content coconut trees in both places and set up mini virgin oil production facilities.
  • Experiment on growing some childhood favourite fruits which are on the verge of extinction.

A lot of things to do, but that happens when you’re a dreamer. 

Make dreams come true……

Farming Dreams……

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