I am saying this again…… It’s so special

I must say that I had some eventful days, with Onam party and celebrating my wife’s birthday yesterday.

Like all human beings I also count the likes, comments and activities on Facebook and WhatsApp when photos and messages are posted of the events. And we did score very well there.

But, let me tell you, I am more personal and happy in sharing the experiences with you friends here.

It’s like sitting with each one of you and telling stories, sharing experiences and learning from each other, like best of friends do.

And remember, most of us don’t know each other!! While each and every one on Facebook or WhatsApp are individually and in group known to each other.

We must wonder how this is possible! Well, I don’t know! But I can feel it. And I know most of you must be sharing the same view.

Now my confession again, I am excited in getting up in the morning to be here. That’s the first thing I want to do. And once I am here, I know I am in good company. And after spending time with you, the company, love and affection are carried over for the rest of the time.

And when you are a dreamer, there’s no limit for the dreams to take you.

It’s like being in a trance……

Good morning……

I am saying this again…… It’s so special

25 thoughts on “I am saying this again…… It’s so special

  1. Blogging feels like the only form of social media that I really enjoy. I had deleted my facebook account way back. now only have a fb page for my blog. But yes, blogging feels really speCial.. sharing my life with so many people I don’t know in real life.. and learning about the lives of such lovely people here. It’s a joy to find so many like minded people here.
    And I love your quote on dreams. I am on the way to chase mine.
    A very happy birthday to your lovely life. 😊

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    1. Hello Mona, thank you for this. So we share a great lot and have similar views on blogging and dreams. As such yours should be a site that I should be following closely. And here’s your most devoted follower.
      I suppose you use a pseudonym. Anyway we get the thrill to have close friends without even knowing the name.
      Take care and have a great day Mona


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