It’s a Wonderful Feeling……

Frankly, I didn’t notice it that the number of you lovely people who kindly agreed and taken the time to activate the ‘follow’ sign on my blog site has crossed 300. I am speechless and highly obliged.

I have mentioned in a few occasions earlier also that I am meeting true and very knowledgeable friends here and I can’t aptly express my happiness in being here with you all.

Though most of us don’t know each other in the physical world of contacts, there is a true sense of connection and we know we are in the best of company.

Then, we like some people more and all of us are subject to that intimate sense of belonging and I am no exception. A few of my posts especially the one giving a definition of soulmate and the excited narrations on the influence of my coach on me and that Aphrodite is special for me etc have strong influences.

And when I am in the middle of trying to share with you these things and when I was having these fond memories, a call comes, the first in three months from ‘the one’. That is priceless.

The sum total of these special events are that I am feeling absolutely happy. And like my coach says, to be happy is the most important.

And the message I have to share is that I feel that we are closest to each other, when we are comfortable in sharing our secrets with our friends. When there’s nothing that you hide from a person, perhaps you have found your soulmate.

Here I have shared some of my secrets, but not fully enough and of course, many of you don’t know me well enough for that. That doesn’t make all of us getting into that category of soulmates, of course. But the fact that I find it comfortable in sharing some of my secrets with you is a proof that you are all very special to me.

That’s why I am here, almost first thing in the morning sharing my time, happily,  with you.

Good morning …… and have a great day……

It’s a Wonderful Feeling……

18 thoughts on “It’s a Wonderful Feeling……

  1. Congrats on passing a milestone. It is amazing this blog world, where so many of us can connect with each other, and more importantly encourage each other in what we want to do. Very thoughtful of you to want to share your thoughts on here – when we share and care, the world becomes a better place.

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