Little Bit Of Clubbing……

I am not a club bird. My membership with the Yacht club in Kochi is largely unused. I would have been active if they have water activities, but the only thing they do connected with water is some Jetty facilities for boat owner members. Of course club is what we call the ‘watering hole’. But I am a teetotaler! No minor vices, you see!!!

The real reason for paying monthly charges and not utilizing the club facilities is another. Of course I would have gone if my home Uparika Malika doesn’t have gym and swimming pool.

I found ordinary people, people I know well, behaving differently when in the club. There’s so much of artificiality, and put-on things that puts you off. Then why go and suffer the anger?

But yesterday was Onam Day in the club. Unfortunately a close relation had a baptism party and dinner which we had to attend. And we bolted immediately after the technically possible time, only to find that the Onam performances in the club got over.

And they said it was really a great performance. Disappointed indeed.

But there is a difference, in traditional Onam (the biggest Kerala festival) Kerala attire, people were normal I liked the few minutes we spent there

The baptism party was also good. And like in my yesterday’s post on soulmate, you find someone who you have some secrets shared. And I asked her if she is reading my blogs. And she said, sometimes. I don’t know why I urged her to read yesterday’s. May be the reason I want to add in the definition that you can have more than one.

And I have to send some details on stone rituals and other things to another. Am I feeling comfortable in sharing secrets!!

I mean with those fitting in, and need not be the love or life partner

What a wonderful world!!!

Little Bit Of Clubbing……

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