A Colorful Juice ……

I have this juice details broadcast in my “Cooking Exotics  & Fitness” WhatsApp broadcast group and as such for some of you this is a repetition.

The Egg fruit tree that my mother planted in our house in beautiful Thidanad, Kerala was never looked at seriously and the fruits were enjoyed mostly by birds.

My mother used to be attracted to it, but no one looked seriously at using the fruit.

Having taken a liking to Avacado juice, I just thought that I could repeat the same with the egg fruit.

The result is quite fascinating. It is not only the taste, but the color which is most appealing.

How I made it……

Scooped the egg yolk like inside of the fruit and put in the juice container of Nutribullet. Add some milk, honey and ice cubes and some water. Blend well in the Nutribullet and pour into the glasses.

A very satisfying and enjoyable shake…….

A Colorful Juice ……

29 thoughts on “A Colorful Juice ……

  1. I looked for nutritional facts of egg fruit and found that it is rich in niacin, iron, calcium, beta-carotene and ascorbic acid and can be eaten raw as a simple snack with a sprinkling of salt and lemon juice.

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      1. Ok, I won’t ask anything that you may not want to tell me. But don’t hesitate to ask when there is something I can do
        Hope Georgekutty or Jimmiy managed the expectations. Take care


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