Driving Through God’s Own Country in the Rain……

Sunday is usually quite and probably the best time to visit friends and relations. Moreover I have not done any real drive with my new car.

So set-out for the expedition on the rainy day, first to the place (Thidanad) where I was brought up. The rain was heavy on the way, but then its the best to drive in the rain, especially on the new vehicle with all sophisticated features. Having said that I am yet to get familiar with the numerous features of the car.

The visit was perfect, except that the heavy rains made the water in my favorite river in front of the house, muddy. It would clear up in the flowing water, but I had other errands planned. Collected a few egg fruits (yellow avacado) from the tree which my mother planted. Then took off to Kanjirapally where my sister was waiting to go to Koottikkal, my mother’s place where I was born.

The journey is something to be experienced. The heavy rains make the drive pleasurable and except for some damages on the road due to rain, this is the best background for a drive.

The main purpose in Kootikkal, is to meet my mother’s brother. Fortunately some relations gathered and I got the perfect audience to brag about the family history and the stories heard from elders, which soon will be published in the family history book

I must say that I took the centre stage, ably assisted by my mother’s brother and entertained the new gen kids assembled there. Having said that, we claim to have the most coveted background in the Kerala Catholic community and the stories of the family history dating back to St.Thomas times AD 52. And perhaps even before that. I am very proud of learning that and narrating them to the younger generation, but a mention here would amount to mere bragging.

Since we were to return to Kochi in the night, I didn’t get to swim in the rapids. Surely next time. And perhaps some stories also

I love the rains and I love my new car *****

Driving Through God’s Own Country in the Rain……

22 thoughts on “Driving Through God’s Own Country in the Rain……

  1. Mary Kuriakose says:

    Kurian Jacob
    I was so happy to hear about your trip to koottical where I also happened to visit your mum’s house many years back with my mum.I always remember the hot milk taste which your grand mother used to give me before going to bed.I visited two times.My mother was so close to your grandmother since she is her sister’s daughter.She always used to give many gifts for mymother’s
    marriage since her mother left abode at her tender age.I think your mum’s brother may be able to tell you all details.you can just tell him the name Theruthi (my mum name ) who is married to kappil family.I wish I could meet all in that house.My mum can not travel.she can not even remember everything.She calls your grandma as Elayamma.she used to tell about her Elayamma always.kurian Jacob you have taken me back to so many years.Anyway our grandma’s are own sister’s.We both are second cousins.You are my brother Kurian Jacob.surprising isn’t it.Ireally want to meet you

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Is it kurian jacob who was the federal bank manager at TEZPUR. (1977,78,79) I was also there as a young capt of Indian army and from Thidanad (aikara)


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