In the Pool……

Swimming as part of my workout schedule is the most important activity for me. The 20 meter pool where I live is maintained well and used mostly by me, like my private pool.

The gym is overlooking the pool and there are quite a bit of activities in the gynesium with a number of fellow residents coming in with trainers to workout in a guided and guaranteed manner.

In fact I also go to the gym in the morning to do some weights (not heavy lifting but mild weights concentrating on sets) and some floor exercises. Of late I am trying to take my body up on the overhead bar and the push up attempt is improving but still less than half way stage.

And the main session is in the evening in the pool. I have reduced the earlier 80 non stop laps, with a combination of free style and breast strokes, to 70 to accommodate the morning resistance session.

I was just contemplating to reduce it to 60, when I started hearing comments like from one of the trainers “I have never seen anyone so devoted and dedicated”. And the gym ladies enquiring as to what happened, when I didn’t go for swimming one day.

I am just wondering if there is pressure on me from these well wishers, like a peer pressure keeping me at 70 laps while I was thinking of reducing to 60.

This is dilemma number 1.

The second one is that I have gained a kilo or more in weight. The dilemma here is “is it that more fat is converted to muscles,? For muscles are heavier than fat!!

Or should I watch my calories. Perhaps not, as I am not such a heavy eater. Moreover, I just bought Protinex instead of the protine powders of fellow gymmers.

What I really need now is to manage my sleep and to meet the target of 7 hours of sleep.

And like one of my dear fellow bloggers advised me “stay hydrated’.



In the Pool……

9 thoughts on “In the Pool……

  1. Honestly, your posts are so inspiring. I have been postponing “learning swimming” for so long now, despite a deep desire to be able to get into the water to beat the heat. Also, the sleep cycle has been so erratic. Thank you for these posts that have been acting as a health reminder!

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