Kerala Wedding……

Last evening we had an enjoyable pre-wedding cocktail gathering in a nearby open garden location. That was a brave move as we are still in monsoon, though it was the first day of Onam ‘Atham’. From Atham till Thiruvonam for ten days the famous flower arrangement of onam celebration happens.

We were there as guests from the bride’s side and the architect girls family stays in Uparika Malika where we have our home.

It was a gathering of a number of important people from the locality where I could get reintroduced as we have been living overseas for some time (Kuwait and before in London, Hong Kong and Philippines).

Interestingly, the groom and family are Kuwait based, having been there for the past 44 years. As such a small crowd from Kuwait also were in the party.

I never had a problem with cocktail parties as a glass of soda firmly clenched in had preserves my virginity as a teetotaller.

As in all modern Kerala parties, there were skits and dances from the brides family and friends who are hosts for the wedding. These are of high standards with a certain amount of practice and choreography.

Then the music started and the Kuwait group including the groom took to the dance floor. The impromptu performance and stamina were amazing.

The point I am making here is that with no cocktail bar, Kuwait parties have more participation on the dance floor.

Entertainment options are evolved from regulations restricting them…… I suppose


Kerala Wedding……

9 thoughts on “Kerala Wedding……

    1. Exactly my point. There’s no cocktail permitted in Kuwait and the group from there excelled in dance and stamina.
      Perhaps I didn’t express well enough
      We are on the same side 😊

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  1. The dancing culture in South Indian weddings have started only recently, thanks to the influence of Bollywood. Earlier the family weddings we’re strictly following the traditional norms. Wedding was considered very sacred with no place for cocktails!!

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