The Daily Bread……

It’s not the literary meaning of the title that I am talking about here, but it’s the role of bread in my daily food intake.

With a Whatsapp Broadcast Group of over 250 group members, I have an ambitious plan to make healthy and natural food innovations and then share with the group.

Virgin coconut oil and avacado based preparations came into focus along with attempts at traditional cooking.

This has given me the confidence that I can experiment in the sacred world of cooking.

One important target emerging is to make my own bread, the healthy bread of course.

I have started following a number of you here who are connoisseurs in the field. I have already identified some home made bread making posts and will look forward to more.

The idea of own bread is from a lack of trust in the readymade products claiming healthy options.

Will look forward to any ideas, suggestions and feedback from my dear friends……

The Daily Bread……

26 thoughts on “The Daily Bread……

    1. Actually from Bangalore, which I rate as better ones than what I have seen in international markets. It’s more yellowish.
      Actually my mother’s tree which we thought and called as egg fruit as it resembled like egg yolk in colour is actually avacado and should be the best quality. We didn’t know for years that it was avacado

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    1. Oh, coconut oil is from a process using dried coconut copra. And modern packaged coconut oil are said to be somewhat adulterated.
      Virgin coconut oil is from fresh coconut using three methods 1. Cold Press 2. Centrifugal and 3. Boiling
      The virtues are in virgin oil
      Having said that packaged ones can still be adulterated . Hence making it at home

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