Work Out and Gym……

I am in the process of regulating my work out schedule with some aggressive (for me) combinations.

A typical daily routine is like:-


– 4 sets of weight/ resistance sessions each set consisting of three times repetitions, increased by 2 or 3 for repetitions, using rather mild weights.

– Floor exercises three sets again each consisting of three repetitions of 20 to 25, increasing by 2 or three for every repetition

– planks- yesterday’s was 2 minutes 15 seconds – Upper body work out bar. Well this is new. For now I just manage to hang on the bar and hope to lift my body weight up 10 times over a period of time –

-Then in the evening swim non stop 70 laps in the 20 meter pool

Pretty good as per my standards and I think I can see muscles shaping up.

Six pack however is and will be just a dream.

I want to combine this routine with ‘holistic yoga’ when I understand it.

Wish me luck to stay on to this……

Work Out and Gym……

29 thoughts on “Work Out and Gym……

  1. Thats great.Exercise is the vital part of our routine but some doesnt look gym and work out positively.Its great to know that you are following it .wish you all the best and gud wishes for six abs as wellπŸ˜€

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  2. Wow, you are a strong person. Nothing is impossible and with a good combination of exercise and diet I am sure you will get six pack. Best wishes.
    Just that I like rowing more than anything in gym.

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    1. Thank you Prajakta for this kind caution. Very sweet of you.
      Yes I also thought about reducing some of them a bit. I will take a serious look at it.
      I am really touched by your support. Stay blessed 🌹


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