A Wonderful Place……

I am not talking here about a physical place or a country for that matter. Then it’s a virtual place and it’s said that virtual places are a time waste.

No, it’s not! I am saying this with full emphasis, not because I am a proclaimed dreamer, alter ego to Walter Mitty, but it’s because of the physical happiness i feel here.

Yes I do…… and that’s the reason why I am here, first thing in the morning, before a long drive to attend a function. I want the comfort and happiness of being with my friends on this site.

You have become my dear friends, though I don’t know many of you personally at all. But I know you, closely, from what I read of your highly valuable scribbles here.

Sometimes I feel that I should have some more time to spend with your contributions. But surely there’s enough to be excited, every time I open the site.

I haven’t seen any ego on any of the interactions. This is priceless for me who is branded as very egoistic.

I am a simple and sincere follower of the simplicity and sincerity that I experience in your writings.

That makes me happy. And to be happy is the important thing.

And then, this is the place……

Good morning and happy blogging to all of you my dear friends……

A Wonderful Place……

13 thoughts on “A Wonderful Place……

  1. Well it is early evening here. Everyone in the U.S. is getting very excited about the eclipse. Here it will just be partial, but my grandchildren are going to a science museum on Monday to watch it. Have a great Sunday.

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