Humour, Undefined……

Define humour, there may be many definitions that we can find in Google. But I think it’s undefined as it has a relation to circumstances, people and language.

For example, friends of ours were staying over when they came to attend a wedding which we also attended. By the grace of God, we managed to get an apartment in Kochi with beautiful waterfront. I love the place and the home is built beautifully.

Our friend however speaks everything in jest and he told me ‘either you can sell this place by 2075 or convert your car into a boat’. That’s because due to global warming the sea will rise 3 meters. Haha…….

I am reminded of an incident when I visited my cousin’s new home in bangalore. I just read on ultimate compliment. This is about a guy who only says bad things visiting a beautiful home but could not find anything bad or fault to say. So he said “it will be an effort to break this house”. I thought that it is an ultimate compliment for a good home.

But I didn’t want to take any chance and first narrated what I read and complimented my cousin using the same words. I thought I delivered the ultimate compliment, but my cousin did not speak to me for 5 years!

There’s a guy in bangalore where we have an apartment. He thinks he is witty and try to be that with every sentence. Boring….

An elderly doctor staying in our building is like that. He wants his version of humour in everything, but the added pain is that it’s all too long and repetitive. Also we can’t be rude to stop it considering his age.

Humour doesn’t work always. At least there’s one thing required of a joke master. He should be able to laugh at his stupidity……

Humour, Undefined……

5 thoughts on “Humour, Undefined……

  1. Nice😊..humor is a subjective emotion.some find it hilarious and some find it offensive while some may call the same joke a dumb one.And these day there exist another version for it ‘pj’ ( poor joke)😋

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    1. Yes thank you. There could be a tricky situation if everything is approached as a joke. Sometimes it is out of place.
      Having said that humour is a vital component to personality. Of course when used correctly

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  2. I am returning to the silly jokes of my childhood since my grandchildren find them funny. No sarcasm, just silliness. Example “What do you call a boomerang that doesn’t come back?” Answer “A stick.”

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