Clearly the Number One……

I am a fairly good player in the social media with a good number of friends and connections. Whatsapp groups keep your alerts beeping all the time with just forwards repeated and repeated. Some forwards come with orders such as ‘you should see this video’; make sure you see till the end etc.

I run a whatsapp Broadcast Group ‘Cooking Exotica & Fitness’. I now need to start a sub group as the main group has reached the maximum permissible 256. Having said that, I am not sure how many consider my posts a botheration.

I am however not into Twitter though I have an account.

Blog site ‘WordPress’ is positively the number one in my ranking. I open it first when I look for activities on my connections. 

This, I suppose, can be termed as strange as there are many connections of whom I have no personal details or they have mine.

But the comradeship, friendship and support mentality is just amazing. 

I am not sure if this is an aberration, showing some flow in the personality. Well I don’t think so and I find much quality, excellence and free minded openness in the group.

Quite a fascinating and talented group and any acceptance here is priceless……

Thank you for being with me ❤️

Clearly the Number One……

8 thoughts on “Clearly the Number One……

  1. You are right.Even this is becoming my favourite, out of all.we interact with unkown and knowing them just on the basis of their writeups.Thats amazing, and people here are so courteous.Even i like being here😊

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