One of the noble acts that I am doing is mentoring. I may not be a qualified mentor, but certain inherent qualities make me a sincere participant in the sacred act.

It all started with a casual conversation with a young engineering graduate, a relation of my wife, who said she was struggling to prepare a resume for the campus placement.

I agreed to help her and discovered talent which was not apparent or known to even her parents. The result was a two pager which according to her, generated a lot of ooohs and haaas among her friends. And she aced the recruitment by getting offers from all five companies visiting her campus.

Hence I started a mentoring process starting with a prospective mentee’s resume. I have well over 60 mentees from this route.

This coupled with a knack for networking and a formidable reputation as a good empathetic fellow, saw some successes. But I am still searching for bringing to the world the hidden talents of a future celebrity.

I just saw some quality writing skills and entered into a pact with one and I hope my search will find traction here.

Overall a very satisfying thought.

Yes, I am excited……


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