It’s Raining, it’s raining……

Upa Kayal bridge.JPGHere I am in the rainy morning at my favourite spot in my balcony.

I love it best when it’s raining. I mean the rain of this season. Not when there’s thunder and lightning.

it doesn’t mean that I like to be indoors when it’s raining. Actually it’s the opposite. And these are the some of my favourite things.

1. I like to be in the rain. When we were small, we used to jump out and absorb the beauty and experience of being in the rain. With clothes on or not, doesn’t matter. And I want to do that again. Yes I do it when I go to my village Thidanad.

2. I like to swim when it’s pouring. I do it here in Uparika Β Malika , Kochi in the swimming pool. But again it’s better in the stream in Thidanad swimming against the strong currents.

3. I like the feeling of ‘wet’ and have pure water on me. Rain water is probably the purest. Absolutely so in a zero pollution place like Thidanad.

4. I like to be in bed, listening to the raindrops outside

5. I like to drive in the rain. Through the interior roads of course

6. I like the natural air conditioning when it rains

These are half a dozen.

But there are plenty more. They are too personal. I know this blog site is for telling those things.

It’s just not the shyness only, but I know friends here know it.

For we are special……


It’s Raining, it’s raining……

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