Friends, Special Friends and Influences……

Special people have a big influence on me…

First among them is my stone partner, one who taught me how a stone relationship is so powerful. The stone which I took from Aphrodite’s rock is my companion and the source of a very special connection.

Now I have two books from Amazon. Both authors have Kerala connections and both books arrived yesterday.

One is Arundhati Roy’s ‘Ministry of Utmost Happiness’ and the other ‘Dark Things’ by Sukanya Venkataraghavan’. Arundhati’ mother runs a school near to where my sister lives. And she is famous for her ‘God of Small Things’.

I don’t know Sukanya, a first time author. But she’s friends with a very special friend of mine.

So I hope there’s no surprise when I say that I picked Dark Things to read first.

Friends have such strong influence.

And I am happy to see my blog friends here, taking time to encourage me.

I have a special place in my heart for you dear friends. Let our friendship grow……


Friends, Special Friends and Influences……

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