Smart Phones and Usage……

What’s a phone used for? Sounds like a real stupid question. Or is it?

No, if you go by what’s happening in India. This used to be a market fond of Samsung with Apple IPhones gaining ground.

what if I say that the trend is now towards some hitherto unknowns or new avatars. Have you heard of ‘Oppo’ and ‘Vivo’.

Well they’re storming the market. The reason is simple, they figured out that killer application that people are using a phone more often now- selfie.

Oppo and Vivo put all their money into the front camera, some 20 megapixel and they don’t care about the normal camera. And the front camera is for selfies.

jio the new phone company with disruptive programs that stormed the market, seems to have overlooked this for their free phones. If they did it would have actually killed everyone else.

you can see people taking selfies always. Most intriguing is when a selfie (one’s own) is taken.You would expect a disappointment on the face when faced with reality. But surprise, surprise; there’s always a smile.

impossible!!! I didn’t think narcissism is blind……


Smart Phones and Usage……

19 thoughts on “Smart Phones and Usage……

  1. Megan says:

    haha.. “Narcissism is blind..” Y’know, this is really true,, narcissistic people never realise if they’re being overly conceited and sometimes truly have no sense of decency. Great post !

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  2. That reminds me of someone I know that told me what matters most in a cell-phone is a great camera, the rest is just additional I guess it is the impact of social media as well. Sometimes having no internet could be a blessing…

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  3. I take selfies rarely.. I forget to see mirror most days. The best selfie would be to see my face in the eyes of the people I love… The do say an eye is the best camera… Leads to the heart. Till then I suppose the fone camera will make do

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