Need Prayers for a Friend 

We all want to be healthy and have that inherent fear that something could happen to us . Then we tend to forget it all and friends help in the process of forgetting.

Last week I attended a birthday party of a relation. There was music and a DJ. And the DJ told his story about his being face to face with death.

He along with a friend was rushed to hospital from a car accident site. And on way to the emergency on strecher he could hear hospital people saying that he was gone and wanted to rush his friend for immediate attention.

He called out to God and said that he had many more to be done for the family and begged for another chance.

That moment he felt strength and both of them came out.

I thought about my pious childhood and now almost totally ignoring God. And I made a note to change.

Today I got a call from a dear friend. She is seriously ill and wanted my prayers. I told her I will and more importantly that Sunu will pray. I have faith in her prayers.

Please remember my friend in your prayers.

She should get well and be back on her feet.

Please GOD.

Need Prayers for a Friend 

13 thoughts on “Need Prayers for a Friend 

  1. Mary Kuriakose says:

    Kurian Jacob,
    Prayer can do miracles.You should have a clear mind and have complete faith in God.I got lots of incidents in my life.I will definitely pray for your friend.please convey my regards to her.

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