Q Management……

My fellow countrymen have a great presence outside of the home country and are great contributors to host country development. Generally a peace loving tribe and thus welcomed in many parts of the world.

Good to hear, and the fact that remittances from these 20 + million tops the list.

These can still be improved, I think, if behaviour in Queue is improved.

This must be true, as I am writing this from the IT capital and have some rude experiences in the most unsuspecting of all places.

The Adiga breakfast is the fastest of fast foods and this coupled with the affordability is making this a regular feature for the fast professionals who spend a considerable part of their work life in a traffic situation called ‘block’

I too go there for breakfast takeaway.

There will be two people ahead of you to pay in advance for the food order. Being a stickler for Q rules, I am happy to settle behind, well one of them as the two are not in line.

Then comes the international variety, rushing in front and shouts the order, thrusting currency onto the face of the cashier. 

My protests, mostly silent as the thoughts are absolutely unparliamentary. Even mild expressions like ‘give me a break’ won’t work.

I have a sneak suspicion that one of them gave me an eye direction towards the chocolate bar containing the Cadbury (I think) Break.

Only an eye contact, which can kill, with the cashier can get you in.

You get your slip for masala dosa and idly and move towards the ‘take away’ counter with the plastic dubba for the extra sambar. And then face the same thing again.

This time the intensity is higher as they have to get the vada sambar for the standing consumption and then the takeaway could be for snacking while in traffic.

Clearly the ‘pravasi’ could improve their ‘stock’ in the host countries if training is given at these fast food joints before they hit their Silicon Valley.

Less of raised eyebrows at McDonalds for example……

Q Management……

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