A Support Ecosystem Called Friends……

‘Friends’ figure prominently in the list of essentials to life. 

And we all have friends. The best way to enjoy friendship is when we can meet, sit across and enjoy the fruits of friendship.

But this is not always possible. Then we can get to speak to the friends over phone. And the free calls on whatsapp and even video chats there and Apps like FaceTime, make distances close.

One need not limit friendship to these accessabilities. Here’s that ingredient which can take friendship to a different level.

When I was working with Standard Chartered Bank, I had a stint in HongKong. The Bank looks after the expatriate staff and we were given an apartment in one of the premium areas Mid-Levels. And that too in Robinson Road, ie Robinson Place.

The building is of 52 floors, 47 floors above and five below ground. Minus four is a very well equipped gym and I loved it. I used to spend one and half hours four to and even five days a week and two and half hours on weekends.

The result was visible and I was threatening towards a six pack. Probably I had the most noticeable change and soon gymmers started consulting me. The most noticeable was that we had a group of like minded people, all interested in work out based health.

Blog site is like that. We are a group of like minded people, willing and bold to express freely. 

I don’t know most blog friends personally, but we have a great bond. A bond to nurture and develop.

Towards a great friendship……

A Support Ecosystem Called Friends……

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