Bye Kuwait…… For Now……

We will be flying out of kuwait this evening. And we are bidding farewell to a lot of good people and very fond memories.

Last night, at dinner with friends, Sunu declared her clear preference. It’s Kuwait..

And seeing her activities and the way her friends (that’s numerous) love her, I am a bit sad.

For me Kuwait has been good. Definitely the money part excellent, but most importantly to see sunu very happy.

I am also not that innocent…… I have also memories, very fond ones for that matter.  I have learned new things, and even rituals; and I have been led to some good experiences, some of which are lifelong and then very special ones forever.

As such a Jamaican farewell is quite appropriate and I keep singing it……

But I don’t categorically bid farewell forever. At the same time I don’t have the confidence to say what general McArthur said while exiting Corrigdor island…… “I will return”

Then to be open is not closing the door. Even my boss told my wife ‘when we have another project, we will look for him’.

If the initiative has to come from my side, I won’t be found wanting. Moves are on. But it’s not easy. This is time when people talk about forced exit and not about opportunities! 

But then, determination and purpose…… more than one…… is force to be reckoned!!

Bye for now……

Bye Kuwait…… For Now……

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