‘The Last But One’ Day in Office……

Tomorrow is my last day in office with Gulf Bank Kuwait. There’s satisfaction all around for a successful completion of the project.

In spite of some efforts to make the final tasks easier, there are pockets of beaurocracy in certain areas which can cause anxiety.

As such the task is to work around that and to feel more comfortable with the exit.

The two years have been quite satisfactory on the work front and more importantly, on the money front.

I am now a clear expert in card business with track record of managing two major card business start ups and four transformation projects. This on top of some sterling business experience should make me a unique resource.

The question now is, what next? I have to do something with nature. Some, mostly organic, cultivation, and pursuing certain things close to heart.

Now, look at the story of the frog in water in a boiling pan! And the experiment about heating the water slowly. Apparently the frog will survive even at some crazy temperature.

I have not tried the experiment, but I feel like the frog now. I can’t for a minute get my mind to think that I am getting old or I am old. I still feel I am, who I was, many many years back!!

You may think, where the frog is coming in the story. Well consider this…. if you take the frog out and put it back into normal water while the water where it was before get heated up slowly. And put the frog into the original vessel. Just imagine what will happen! 

So, if Kurian frog is allowed the luxury of rest and comfort, all of the faculties may be lost.

Perhaps I should look for staying in the frying pan for some more time……

‘The Last But One’ Day in Office……

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