Blog….. Where Dreamers Meet & Soulmates Hide…..

I am a self proclaimed blogger and like many, selected the WordPress site to express…..

Over a period of time, I wrote, almost daily, of things. But then I know that I am a dreamer with Walter Mitty as alter ego.

I started writing, inspired by someone who rants occasionally on WordPress. She doesn’t talk to me now, perhaps she doesn’t approve my madness, but we are friends in the dream world.

And then Aphrodite made her appearance and everything got changed. For you know, Aphrodite is goddess of love, beauty and sexuality…… the three things which makes the world. And once you are under Aphrodite’s spell, there’s no escape, even if she herself blocks you out. 

But then who wants to get out!!!

It’s not just an appearance from Aphrodite, I was asked to take a stone and I was taken to her rock in Cyprus and I took a stone which is from her Rock.

The stone, which is in my left hand now, is my most constant companion. It comes with me to bed and is the medium for me to thank the universe for everything. Of course the goddess’s stone has the power.

That’s me….. the dreamer……

And now I see my fellow bloggers. And there’s confirmation. When your mind is free, you’re talented. No….. that’s a simple statement. When the mind is free, you dream free…..

And then what you write is so so beautiful. It’s simply priceless…..

Truly and clearly, the blog site is where dreamers flock and soulmates hide…..

Blog….. Where Dreamers Meet & Soulmates Hide…..

One thought on “Blog….. Where Dreamers Meet & Soulmates Hide…..

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