Persian Food…..

There’s no other cuisine and spread that can amaze and enthrall the consumer than the Persian food.

A lot of people, including me have worked or are still working in the Middle East countries where making some extra money is the prime motive.

Olden times, this migration was mentioned as Persian. In Malayalam where most migrants are of, it’s said “avan pershiayila’ (he’s in Persia).

And the Shah of Iran and the Pahlavi dynasty were of much interest to me in childhood days.

One of the places I want to visit is Iran.

And I love Persian food.

Last evening Sunu and I visited the newest and extremely beautiful Al Shaheed Park. After walking around and enjoying the musical fountain, we decided to have some food and I suggested Iranian.

Sunu is amply familiar with Arabic food, but mostly labanese. But I have had several exposures to an Iranian joint very near to the bank head office. And one of my attractions has been the largest and tastiest of the bread varieties, the Iranian bread.

We settled down for one dish, kababs of three varieties and three varieties of flavored Iranian rice. For drinks we had Iranian curd with mint which is closer to the Kerala morum vellam (diluted curd with chilly etc and mint) than lassi.

We could eat only half the dish and settled for a doggie bag for the rest. And when the waiter brought the packet, Sunu complemented the bread.

The waiter took the bag back and returned saying he has included bread also.

By the way the bread is free and unlimited. Only at home, we realized that he has put four of the big breads. That will last till we leave.

I am just reminded of Indian food where each small bread is counted and billed. 

That’s okay. But this can excite…..

Persian Food…..

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