It Was Wild, It Was Loud and It Was Sweet…..

We have a group of families in the building where we stay and we celebrate everything. Parties have no shortage and sometimes segregation is resorted to when it would be embarrassing otherwise.

The girl’s group had a pajama night in one of the apartments last week. And sunu showed me some of the pictures.. oh man..

Whatsapp groups are named ‘Code Sexy Girls’ ‘Code Crazy Boys’ Code Lungi Boyz’ etc. Code is the name of the serviced apartment and Sunu choreographed lungi dance..

For normal things we are code family.

Code family organised our send off party last night in the yoga hall where most of the ladies are students.

Sunu told them that she’s not bothered about any food but would like to see entertainment.

And that’s what they did. It was a feast of sexy talent and everyone was on stage, on the dance floor most of the times.

Sunu is sure to miss it all. I was thinking about getting a fun group together in Kerala and bangalore.

And then, there’s a hurdle. Segregation is practiced in India, particularly in Kerala more than the orthodox Saudi Arabia.

It’s not religion, it’s not custom that creates this segregation. The villain is alcohol. 

Men folks to hit the bottle and have tremendous staying power till they are lifted home.

Where’s the opportunity for a get together?

Some advantages in a no- drink country like Kuwait…..

It Was Wild, It Was Loud and It Was Sweet…..

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