New Year, New Outlook……

When very young, and when I had a lot of hair, I used to dream of six pack, muscles and a fully shaven head for that cool look. And over the years, there’s partial success with clean head without shaving, but six pack- well!!!

I think I may better delete six pack from the dreams, but what about some muscles!! Well partial success here is possible, thanks to the schedule and coaching of my coach.

I mentioned about a project 2 in my earlier posts which now is shelved reluctantly. I have to do this as I lost the biggest motivation and support for this.

Then it’s natural that I look at the next best approach. The muscle building could get a boost with the workout getting enhanced with my favorite pool and gym at home in Uparika Malika.

My wife would have liked to stay longer in kuwait and the reasons include these very successful events she organises. I thought about such a situation back home, and probably, identified the reason as the custom there when men folks disappear from a gathering for what is termed as ‘for a small’. Small or drinks are not available in Kuwait and she gets the men also to dance to her tunes. Probably I have to gather a group of friends back home whose primary objective is not small!!!

Another item that I have to do to stay young is to be active. I thought about starting something along with people in the same background from Kuwait. But the reason for abandoning project 2 probably pre-supposes abandoning this plan also.

That’s when I got a message from an ex colleague asking how I am doing. I told her about the plan to get back and casually mentioned of starting something in the growing payment area in India and her response was ‘am waiting’. That’s music as she is one of the first 5 when we built standard chartered India’s card infrastructure with bare hands.  I am bullish on getting another of the 5 also in making us a team of 3.

And then I may look at getting the favorite friends from Kuwait involved.

Now I am about to cross the line towards the dreams and the book……

The intermediary stone assisted, and Aphrodite promised, different level is experience of pure love. However the dreamer is a rational person and recognised the complications including the age incompatibility. Dreamer considered adoption with daughter status. After all the story has an inheritance plan.

But then the twist took place taking the dreamer by surprise. The only positive is the dreamer could pinpoint two people responsible, one claiming carpet bombing (not true) and other forwarding story to unintended destination. The story also had the imaginary Thomas, old in age and misbehaving. Dreamer’s name is not Thomas but that was used. Then the story got the rudest shock of getting blocked.

Two opportunities for correction passed, even after promising not to use the channels anymore. That’s no Christmas gift and no New Year gift. The gift should come, better now than late.

Will wait for the clue to continue the story……

New Year, New Outlook……

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