The Bucket List ……

No, don’t get me wrong.. I am not going to hit the bucket anytime soon.. at least don’t want to…

Just that I watched the movie again after a long time. And perhaps I can start having a list.

I am also reminded of the picture forward and my post on ‘its a wonderful thought that the rest of our lives can be the best of our lives’. A bucket list then is quite appropriate.

It can have simple things like in Morgan Freeman’s scribbled list “to laugh…. till you cry” and when they do it unwittingly, it became one of the most beautiful part of the movie.

To be happy is not to be in the list as it is ‘BAU’ (business as usual) requirement. I am taught that it is okay to be selfish to be happy. But it need not be totally true. There’s something called obstinacy and I suffer from that disease. In fact one of the famous external trainers hired by standard chartered pronounced me as the most stubborn bastard he has ever seen.

So my stubbornness is still there even in the face of any and absolute setbacks and I have to admit my weakness of covering all my mistakes, misdeeds and drawbacks by insisting on one thing. Well let’s see..

Back to bucket list…. I may have to start on a new one.

The first one to be taken from the torn away previous one is 

1. To have a holiday together 

The movie had ‘Thomas’ the interesting assistant of Jack Nicholson. Freeman finds out that Thomas is actually Mathew and when asked he said ‘he found Mathew difficult to call’.

So Thomas can be used to tell details to others.  Thomas did this, Thomas did that and Thomas is of this age etc etc.

But Thomas has a right to declare that the mention that Thomas does this to others also is totally wrong. Thomas stopped that after he was corrected from carpet bombing. Thomas stopped it and any inferences otherwise is wrong. Thomas is a devoted, sincere, truly loving and humble follower. The wrong impression or feedback that Thomas is not singly devoted, should not prevent unlocking and helping in building a healthy bucket list.

Waiting ……

The Bucket List ……

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