Not the Time to Handle Tragedy ……

While writing randomly with a remote possibility of assembling a book out of the rattle, some beautiful situations came about. Though I am not a believer in making movies, I have observed that a few punching twists attract viewers and hence the success.

As such I introduced a twist to the divine beautiful story about Aphrodite and her stone and brought in trajedy into the equation. 

That changed everything. Aphrodite became angry and I was faced with the single most humiliation in my ranking of all insults.

This is when I realized that handling tragedy is not a small subject and I am not upto it. And without such a twist, people interest disappeared and I started getting no views to my posts.

So I am stuck..

There are three takes from this failed episode. Aphrodite, stone and insult. While I keep the first two with pleasure the third is imposed and I hope one day I will be spared from it. That’s a must.

So my book has to be different now. Then how about my own life story! At least let me start writing on it.

In the meantime there are some social issues to be brought up 

Watch this space. And those who have left me for the madness, please come back and support……

Not the Time to Handle Tragedy ……

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