Finally a mess… I regret …… 

I think i will have to work overtime if I have to convert the numerous posts which may not be making any sense to the readers, into a book. 

Perhaps I may succeed in consolidating and publishing an online version without any readers other than me.

But there are somethings coming out of it all. If I sum up there are two priceless things to cherish and one huge hurt and damage to ‘Pride’. So it’s a balancing act and not sure which side is victorious. For the time being the single item hugely outweighs the other two.

And to think positively, the positive of it is that the hurt factor negates any guilt factor.

A shift is appropriate than to struggle on it; taking the heavy ‘hurt’ and two positives in the stride.

Talking about a shift, and the idea of a book (see how the hurt to pride is top of the mind, i wanted to type book and hurt got typed instead), my own transformation is from stories to business and contemporary subjects.

While on contemporary subjects, the unfortunate emerging trend is the eagerness to be negative and abusive. People writing sense are abused and readers cherish abuses.

Then the educated people are polarized and painfully so. Constructive criticism and for that matter constructive appreciation are absent. 

Striking example is the demonitisation. If you look at the social media posts, you lose confidence even of your friends. People go to any extent to defend the polarized beliefs and the ability to be independent is lost.

Did I say ‘intolerance’?

Finally a mess… I regret …… 

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